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Anthologies of Care

15th November 2020 @ 2:00 pm 6:30 pm

Anthologies of Care :: (since I hold the universe within me, my soul is a legacy)

Anthologies of Care is an event about self-care…or maybe it’s about healing…resistance through channelling the divine feminine…or finding our way home…Anthologies of Care is interested in our potential wholeness, our radical wellness, how we weave cosmic connection to self, or make a pilgrimage, inwards.

What we know is that different modes of identity and power impact an individual’s ability to do the work of self care. What we know is that different kinds of violence built into our systems impact also. We know that living within spaces and societies where inequality is the norm, is connected to how we can care for ourselves, and are cared for. 

Perhaps our event is located less within the words or the discourses, and more within the experience we want to share together. What we know, is that we have some coordinates:

adrienne maree brown explaining that “it is healing behaviour, to look at something so broken and see the possibility and wholeness in it”

Audre Lorde reminding us that caring for ourselves is not self-indulgence, “it is self-preservation and that is an act of political warfare.” 

Bayo Akomolafe calling to us that “the times are urgent, so we must slow down”

Karen Larbi unfolding that, “since I hold the universe within me…my soul is a legacy”

Anthologies of Care is curated by Roseanna Dias, Rabab Ghazoul and Holly Muse, with a line up of very special contributors: Karen Larbi, Adeola Dewis, Will Taylor, Zahra Ash Harper, Tony Hendrickson, Mary Anne Roberts and others. 

Join us online for an afternoon of short films, spoken word and in-conversations around self care, restoration and reparation. Together we’ll explore the potential of healing justice work across individual, collective and inter-generational spaces. 

Practicalities/Access: This is a weekend afternoon event, lasting 4 and a half hours. We’re organising these explorations in a way that we hope will leave us feeling nourished and gently energised. So there will be breaks, elements of participation, moments of reflection, invitations to step away from our screens, to rest, and to restore ourselves. Look out for more information, we’ll be adding more detail in the coming weeks.

Tickets are £6, £3, £1 and can be booked at Ticket Tailor: bit.ly/2GHNm82

We are asking people to pay what they can afford for this event, bearing in mind we are committed to paying our contributors properly for their time/ input, and to ensuring this event is accessible as possible. Your contribution will help us realise these commitments.

For any further information, please contact divya@gentleradical.org