A detour is a different

way of arriving…Ahmad Nabil says “Sometimes we have to take a long route, to get to somewhere that’s very close by…”

How do you move through your city?
How do young people move through their city when there are few places for them to gather, to meet.
In Jerusalem, segregation restricts young Palestinians from entering many parts of the city.
In Cardiff life is comparatively intact, and yet youth services have been slashed and the city is increasingly gentrified, privatised and corporatized.
So how do we meet the others, how do we meet beyond the borders?

DETOUR is a collaboration between Ahmad Nabil’s Fiction Council project (Beit Safafa, East Jerusalem) & Gentle/Radical (Riverside, Cardiff) exploring what it means for young people to find solutions to borders, colonialism, and the challenges of adult supremacism. What would a project of reparation look like?

DETOUR brings together young people from two cities and explores what reparation, peace making, climate justice, borders and young voices – feel and sound like. Through conversation, writing, film and sound works, young people across both cities will be supported to create work that speaks to their anguish, truths and hopes.