We enjoy going to conferences and symposiums

We enjoy them less when they feel like talking shops for theorists and academics. Experts gathering together to discuss issues in the absence of the people most affected by them – are spaces that need to change.

Our People’s Symposiums exist for absent voices to be heard. They are spaces where embodied knowledge and real experience is as important as academic knowledge and expertise. Our symposiums use culture, food, film, art, archives, music, presentations, performance, dialogue and workshops to discuss some of the most critical issues of our time. They aim to be non-hierarchical collective antidotes to academic spaces. They are aimed at creating new kinds of awareness, resistance and solidarity. They are aimed at democratising pedagogy.

1. Palestine, Partition & Parallels Across The Colonial Terrain
2. Decolonizing Environmentalism

Anna Pigott : Two Big Words and A Whole Lot of Love 
Unsanctioned Journal : Decolonizing Environmental Racism 

Joshua Virasami’s opening talk at Decolonising Environmentalism
Asad Rehman’s opening talk at Decolonising Environmentalism
Sakina Sheik’s opening talk at Decolonising Environmentalism
Suzanne Dhaliwal’s opening talk at Decolonising Environmentalism

Symposiums in 2019/20/21
Decolonising Faith / Decolonising Adultism / Decolonising the Colonial in Wales