Palestine Book Club

“And I say to myself, a moon will rise from my darkness…” Mahmoud Darwish

Since Gentle/Radical’s founding in 2017, there have been, and continue to be, numerous issues and causes that are close to our hearts. Palestine and Palestinian liberation is one of them, and we’ve organised several events focusing on Palestinian histories, stories and film in recent years. 

Despite deepening solidarity with the Palestinian cause globally, so many still struggle to understand this ‘conflict; it’s often deemed ‘too complex’, or people feel they ‘don’t know enough’ to take a position.

Cue the Palestine Book Club. It’s born out of our desire to demystify Palestine and some of its toxic narratives, and address gaps in understanding that might help us collectively forge better allyship with Palestinians and their fight for justice.

Our invitation is simple: we’re inviting individuals, organisations and groups across Wales (and beyond) to set up their own book club to better educate themselves about Palestine. We’ve put together a resource list to get people started. Plus an introduction to how to set up your own book club, if it’s your first time. Just get in touch with us (at and we’ll send all the information along, in the meantime, read our introduction to the project here.