Turner Prize 2021

Turner Prize nomination and exhibition

Back in May, Gentle/Radical received news about their nomination for this year’s Tate Turner Prize. In 2021, for the first time in the prize’s history, nominations were made up entirely of collectives, five in all, including Gentle/Radical. …

Palestine Book Club

Palestine Book Club

“And I say to myself, a moon will rise from my darkness…” Mahmoud Darwish

Since Gentle/Radical’s founding in 2017, there have been, and continue to be, numerous issues and causes that are close to our hearts.…

Decolonising Faith

When we talk of
building from the
ground up

this starts with building from the ground of our lives, in all their multiplicities.

Doorstep Revolution

We believe in the

and in staying long enough in spaces to ensure relationships are meaningful. We know that parachuting artists in and out of communities can be extractive, and that using people as resource, simply perpetuates colonial dynamics.


A detour is a different

way of arriving…Ahmad Nabil says “Sometimes we have to take a long route, to get to somewhere that’s very close by…”

How do you move through your city?…

Al Mish’aal, at Wyndham St

To light a fire is to invite the others in, is to send a

message, is to create a space for hospitality and welcome, and for the sharing of resources

In Arabic, the word ‘mish’aal’ means ‘bonfire’, from the verb ‘to burn’ or ‘to light’.

Imagination Forum

Culture can be powerful

but often remains exclusive. The Imagination Forum is a platform for artists who identify as people of colour/diverse heritage, and are interested in what a decolonised cultural sector in Wales might look like.

Film Club

We love film

but often wonder – with the wealth of independent film making from the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America – why do so few of the diverse communities on our doorstep access it?

People’s Symposiums

We enjoy going to conferences and symposiums

We enjoy them less when they feel like talking shops for theorists and academics.

A New Mecca

When we talk about peace
building, how and where does this take place…

In 2018 we were invited to respond to a building established with a remit for peace building in mind…

Inspired by a unique building and architectural monument – Cardiff’s Temple of Peace – ‘A New Mecca’ was a participatory project engaging communities across Cardiff in a series of artist-led workshops, talks, sung works, sharings and community creations.…