To light a fire, is to let the others in…

This coming week, on Monday 6th May, we launch our first ever online fundraising project…! For more information you can check out our newsletter here.

With your help, our fundraiser will enable us to build the beginnings of an extraordinary new project at the Wyndham Street Centre in Riverside – Al Mish’aal. Based in a community building, we’ll be developing a hugely exciting programme of cultural activity – from community print projects to neighbourhood cooking projects and everything in between. We want to build an inter-generational cross-cultural space for the residents on our doorstep, as well as for those visiting the neighbourhood. 

To help us make these aspirations a reality, look out for the fundraiser and please share it with others! If you value what we do and are keen for it to go further, this is a brilliant way of helping us do just that.