Our online fundraiser is LIVE

We’ve launched a two month online fundraiser to support the work we do and try and get a really exciting new project off the ground! We need to raise funding for the Gentle/Radical Film Club, our 15 year Film Club project that’s going strong but is in desperate need of ongoing funds to secure its screenings…and we’re also launching a brand new project – a community and cultural hub at the Wyndham Street in Riverside, to serve local neighbourbhoods.

To find out more and support us please visit the links to our Wyndham Street fundraiser here, and to our Film Club fundraiser here.

And if you’ve ever attended one of our pop-up film screenings, film symposiums, women-only film events, cinema for elders events, or screenings for young people (phew) then you may have an appreciation of how we work with grassroots cinema. If that’s important to you, then please (please) consider becoming a fundraiser for the Film Club – there’s a two month window to raise funding for the project through your own unique funding campaign, it’s all set up for you, you just need to choose an activity and get fundraising, and we’re here to provide support throughout! For more information, click the link here. And to speak to us about getting involved, just drop us an email.